Foundation Leadership Team

Ralph Clevinger, Foundation Chairman

The loss of my youngest son will remain forever a tragic loss for our family and community. In the eyes of many, Peter is irreplaceable, will never be forgotten and will always be loved. The Foundation in his name will provide soccer scholarships for the game he loved and will afford students in need an opportunity to live their soccer dream at Benedictine College.

As Peter’s father I am and will always be very grateful for those who continue to honor his memory and support our efforts with Peter’s Foundation. I know Pete is deeply grateful for the love of his family and all his many friends.

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Kathy Clevinger, Foundation Chairwoman

A mother could not be prouder than I am of all Peter accomplished in his short life. I don’t just mean athletically, I mean the way he touched people’s hearts, brought people together, made them feel good about life. His loving, caring and humorous outlook was very contagious and is immeasureably missed by his family and his friends.

It is my hope that the Foundation will promote Peter’s joy of life plus his love of soccer through a scholarship for deserving Benedictine students. My thanks to all those who have joined us to keep Peter’s name and life message alive.

Monica Clevinger Kissick, Executive Director

Responsible for all Foundation fundraising, marketing, communications, events and board of directors meeting coordination.

Peter is my youngest brother and his loss has changed my life forever. I miss him more than I could ever explain. I am extremely passionate about the Foundation as it gives me great joy to honor him for the young man that he was and for the deep love I have for him.

Like my parents, I am deeply grateful for all the help, love and support so many have given our family with Peter’s Foundation. We all have lost a true friend and an amazing brother but our Foundation keeps his memory alive and there is much joy I take from that.

David Kissick, Executive Director

Responsible for all Foundation fund raising, marketing, community and industry foundation awareness, communications, events and Board of Directors meeting coordination.

Peter was a special person in my life. Even though I miss him everyday, I cherish the moments I had with him. Being around him was something I looked forward to because he always put me in a good mood.  He always treated me like a brother and not like a brother-in-law. Pete was like a little brother to me and losing him was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. This foundation is one of the most important things in my life because it allows his legacy to live on forever.

Aaron Clevinger, Director of Developement and Direction

Responsible for gathering and presenting ideas regarding foundation growth and direction of resources; responsible for presenting requests for foundation support.


Eric Raplinger, Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for all Foundation accounting and financial reporting.

We were best friends! There isn’t anything else I can say but we were best friends since we were little. There is a unique bond between us and it is difficult for me to accept that my best friend is no longer around. There was so much more to do and to share. The Foundation is giving me the chance to put my grief energy to good use for a great cause: Pete’s remembrance. He is irreplaceable.

There were so many stories we shared, so many sleepovers we had as kids, so many soccer games we played, and so many parties we went to in college. So many of the conversations we shared I will never forget. Pete was one of those guys that comes along once in a lifetime… and I was lucky enough to call him my best friend. I am grateful for Pete and I miss him more and more each day. He will always be my best friend!

Terry Sexton, Foundation Chief Legal Counsel


Kaylan Clevinger Campbell

Kaylan, her husband David, and son Trip reside in Columbus, Ohio.